What is Brindle Book Club?

We’re a literary subscription service featuring fun, highly curated themes for books past and present. We help with the not-knowing-what-to-read or wanting-to-expand-your-reading-selections thing.

How do I join?

Go to "Subscriptions" at the top of the homepage. Pick your favorite (or favorites) and then checkout. Super easy.

Deadlines and Timeframes?

You’ll need to subscribe before the fifteenth of any given month to receive the next month’s selection. For example, if you sign up January 14th, your first book ships out Feb 1st. But if you sign up January 15th, or thereafter, your first book goes out for delivery March 1st.

You’ll be charged for your first month at the time of subscription. Once you’re first book ships you’ll start being charged on the 15th day of each month. 

Did we unintentionally confuse you? Email any q’s to hello@brindlebookclub.com.

Can I switch subscription lines at any point?

Sure thing. Log into the account you made when you first subscribed to make the change yourself. Or shoot us an email at hello@brindlebookclub.com. Just remember to get it done before the 15th. That’s when your upcoming order becomes set in stone.

What if I’m not sure which subscription line to start with. Which one should I choose?

We recommend starting with Decorated as it features books that are traditionally more approachable.

What type of books are featured in the subscription lines?

Each line features a mix of contemporary works, historical gems, and some more experimental titles. They vary in tone, genre, tradition, and aesthetic, but they’re all of a certain quality.

What quality?

They’re all super good.

Isn’t super good subjective?


Can I see which books have been featured before?

Yep, our previous titles are available for viewing, and sometimes for purchase, in our Archives.

Can I join if I’m not a resident of the US?

Sorry, we only ship within the US right now.

I just signed up – now what?

We’ll send you a book once a month with a custom bookmark that features some original thoughts and context. Keep an eye out for the dog at your front door.

Can I skip a month?

Nope. Sorry!

What’s the cost?

$22 (that includes shipping and tax.)

How do I cancel?

Log into your user profile or just send us an email at hello@brindlebookclub.com. We hate to see you go, but if you do, be sure to have cancelled your account by the next 15th to avoid being billed for one more cycle.

How are the books selected?

We read and research a lot of books. Everyone at Brindle has to sign off on a book before it makes it to a subscription line.

Can we recommend you books?

Sure! If you think there’s something we must read, email us at hello@brindlebookclub.com.

When will I be charged?

You’ll be charged the 15th of every month.

When do books ship out?

Books ship out on or about the first business day of each month.

Who are you?

Just a couple of nerds in Los Angeles who love to read.

What is your return policy?

Sorry, no returns. We get there’s a chance you might have already read something we’re going to send you, but that’s part of the mystery and fun. If you get a repeat book, maybe rediscover it in this new time in your life, give it as a gift, or donate it. If your book arrives totally mutilated, though, reach out to us at hello@brindlebookclub.com